Supercharge Your Personal Growth In 2020 & Beyond

A dynamic online event like no other in the self-development niche. This global event brought together thought leaders, passionate training gurus, partners and amazing people to connect, learn and grow together.

Thanks for joining us on January 23rd, 2020. Enjoy the conference videos below.

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Opening & Supercharge Speeches

Fiedlers Supercharge123
The Fiedlers: Opening
NLP Canada Supercharge123
Dr. Linda Ferguson: Grow Your Impact In The New Year
Supercharge123 Teresa
Teresa Ryce: Shifting Perspectives On Exercises And Nutrition
Beth Fiedler: Stop Thinking And Take The Next Step | Poll's Results on the Action Taking Scale: 10 (24%), 9 (24%), 8 (24%), 5 (12%), 3 (12%)

Supercharge Breakout Sessions I

Linda Ferguson Supercharge123
Dr. Linda Ferguson: Develop Your Confidence And Get Results
Supercharge123 Breakout Teresa
Teresa Ryce: Discuss Your Experiences On Exercises And Nutrition, How to Make Them An Integral Part Of Your Daily Living
Supercharge123 Diane
Diane Darling: Networking Strategies For Meeting People

Keynote Speech

Supercharge123 Charlene
Charlene Li: The Disruption Mindset

Supercharge Speeches (Continued)

Supercharge123 Melissa
Melissa DeLuca: More Success With Less Effort; The Syntax Of Influence Overview
Supercharge123 Linda Em
Introduction Of Em Ducharme
Supercharge123 Em
Em Ducharme: Imposter Syndrome: Dealing With Your Fear Gremlins

Supercharge Breakout Sessions II

Supercharge123 Breakout
Melissa DeLuca: Transformation@Work; What's Most Important To You In A Career?
Supercharge123 Em Breakout
Em Ducharme: The Importance Of Routines For Peak Performance
Supercharge123 Breakout Jen
Jen Gagnon: Discuss Holistic Health: Aligning Mind, Body And Soul

Fireside Chat & Closing

Supercharge123 Closing
Fireside Chat and Closing