Virtual Conference

Create incredible All-In-One High-Engaging Virtual Conferences

1080 High-Resolution Stage Live Streams, Real-Time Breakout Sessions, 1:1 Speed Networking, Customized Event Booths, And Boost Your Conversions With The First Of Its Kind Live Events Platform You've Ever Seen

An Event Builder For Your Small Team Brainstorm Or A Global Conference Of 200,000, Environmentally Friendly Without Carbon Footprint, Integrated Expo Area, And So Much More ...

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We connect our global network of mentors, inventors and entrepreneurs to expand our reach and visibility.


Revolutionary for connecting people. We've created immense value holding online events.

Cutters Club

Support our creative vision to educate, train and drive our franchise owners and employees to the next level; increase engagement with franchise owners and share more updates with greater frequency.

Leading Franchisor

Make online training a complete experience with the built-in features.


Interactive Expo with vendor booths where vendors and attendes can interact and demonstrate products/services.

Organizers Of Fairs & Trade Shows

virtual conference segments

Event Management Fiedlers

Main Stage

All the action happens here, eg., keynotes, panels, fireside chats, interviews, live webinars, and more. Main stage supports up to 200,000 attendees.

Fiedlers Conference Management

Breakout Sessions

Host breakouts, group discussions and meetings up to 10 people to take a seat at the table. Each session supports up to 300 viewers.

Speed Networking

1:1 Speed Networking

Attendees can network one-on-one live chats. Exchange contact information in one click.

Virtual Event Expo Global

Expo Area

Customized event booths to give your attendees a completely interactive experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to have access to create and host captivating conferences without paying conference venue and commute expenses, the knowledge that your conferences are always performing at the very top of their game, and the security of knowing your conferences will never be affected by the physical environmental factors, no matter where you are …

Then pay attention.

Online ≥ Offline

Unlimited possibilities. The sky is the limit. Mix and match features to create and deliver unique great experience every time!

Fiedlers Townhalls

Town Halls

Company get-together to share the corporate vision and connect your employees through 1:1 networking live chats
Fiedlers Conferences


Built-in powerhouse with live stream on the Main Stage, online meeting rooms and more
Fiedlers Forums


Bring together stakeholders and experts to develop an effective strategy through real-time interactive discussions
Fiedlers Virtual Learning

Online Training

Make your virtual development programs a complete experience for your learners
Fiedlers Webinar


Interactive 2-way active conversation to improve the engagement level
Fiedlers Speed Networking


Connect people online through 1:1 live video chats
Fiedlers Music Events


It's now a reality to host your first music concert and many more to come
Fiedlers Exhibits

Fairs & Trade Shows

An interactive Expo area with customized vendor booths where vendors and attendees can interact real-time
Hopin Live Conference

All Under One Roof?

You Could Have Your Amazing Conference, Registration, Networking, Expo ...

I can guess what you’re thinking.

Sure, all-in-one online event is good. A splendid beachfront luxury home in California would be pretty good too, and you don’t want to mortgage yourself for that, either.

You don’t have to do that today. You can have everything. Your all-in-one virtual event. Your Live Streams on Main Stage. Your Real-Time Breakout Sessions. Your Networking Live-Chat Portal. Your Expo. All fully integrated. And all for an extremely affordable service fee and tailor-made to meet your conference needs.

Environmental Friendly Carbon Footprint

SSSH! Our pricing is too good to list it here

We can assure you that it's a fraction of the cost to host a physical conference. Yet it's engaging and interactive as traditional events. Your one-stop solution to create and host events with unlimited possibilities. Flexible to help you scale. 1:1 live chats to increase engagement and build genuine relationships.

We can envision that this platform will add a unique layer on top of existing events to expand a global presence, up the engagement and interaction level, and remove the physical barriers for companies with multiple locations.

You will find out all the details in the demo.

Use Cases For Different Event Sizes

No. Of Attendees Hours Saved Productivity Gained In Salary
Assumptions: Average registration/queuing time of one hour/attendee and average hourly salary of $30.
Fiedlers Consultancy


No travel or parking required

100% Flexibility

Mix and match features to deliver a unique experience

Global Reach

Launch an entirely online event to reach a global audience

Speed Networking

Increase Engagement & Conversion

Real-time video chat with each other in groups or one-on-one

Virtual Event Solution* Webinar Physical Event

Highly Engaging

Interactive Experience

1:1 Speed Networking

Flexible To Scale

Cost Effective

Without Carbon Footprint

*Built-in components for live streams on Main Stage, concurrent real-time beakouts, speed networking live chats and customized event booths.